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Hand Picked

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We have hand picked wines which we are passionate about, not ones which fit the corporate mould and are ultimately there to just create profit.  House of Wine was created with a keen focus on Organic wines. The reason for this is simple, we believe they taste better! Instead of using chemicals the wine maker has to put more time in to tending the vines and make them with love. Also, Organic wines tend to produce a smaller yield. This results in the grapes having more concentration which equals more flavour. For more info on Organic wines check out our blog.

We know every business is different. For this reason we take the time to know the needs of your business and create a bespoke wine list which will work for you, both in terms of the quality and commercially.  

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Personal Service

As we don't employ account managers your first port of call will be one of the business owners; Michael Hoult or Stephen Gilroy. Together they have 50 years experience in the Hospitality Industry. With this they will work with you to develop a wine list suitable to your business and relevant to today's On-Trade customers. We will then create and design a wine menu which will be commercially focused to deliver the best results. 

As we are in the middle of the biggest shakeup the industry has seen Michael & Stephen will be on hand to train your staff to serve wine in a Socially Acceptable way whilst focusing on the key upsells within your list.

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Menu Development

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We specialise in creating a wine menu which will complement your food offering. This will help enhance your customers overall experience. Once the wines are chosen we will work with you to construct a wine menu which will make your key wines the focal point and focus on commerciality.


This can mean -


  • Not just putting your wines in price order 

  • Highlighting food & wine matching

  • Having staff recommendations

  • Moving away from "House Wine" instead having key "Wines BTG"

Once the wine menu is in place we don't stop there, we will continue to work with your staff to increase their knowledge and make them more confident with upselling your wines. We will continually monitor the performance of your wine list and react to on-going trends.



Tel. 0113 345 5525


Leeds : West Yorkshire : England



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